Meaningful Work – Better Customer Experience

Cloudriven is an agile and experienced software development and consulting company. We’re specialized in designing and developing interactive technology solutions and implementing operational changes in collaboration with our customers. We believe that meaningful work creates better customer experiences – when your employees feel that their work is valuable and important, the customer will get better service.

  • Satisfied Customers and Users

    Over 70 organizations and 18 000 users use our services on a daily basis. Almost 90 % of our customers and users would recommend us to their colleagues.

  • Key Figures

    Revenue approximately 2 million (2016) and 20 employees. Management owns 90 % of the company.

  • Experience and Competence

    We’re Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development. Our key personnel have over 10 years of experience in designing and developing digital business solutions.

Success Is All About People

Efficient business processes are important for the success of a company but even more important are the people who should be acting according to those processes. A huge management challenge is how to connect the people to the business process.

Business strategies are always connected to people’s behaviors and strategy management is also people management. Whatever big changes your company is planning to do, you’ll likely be involved with managing the way people do work and behave. That’s why it’s critical to find the right tools to motivate and engage your customers, employees and partners.