How to set Dynamics 365 related entity fields using quickview forms

You have a form in Dynamics 365 in which you need to show field values from related entity. It is naturally possible to do this by making a request to the Dynamics server side API’s from client side code.

Dynamics 365 IFD ADFS 503 error and how to fix it

Recently we ran into a bit tricky situation with one Dynamics 365 on-premise environment. This Dynamics 365 was configured to use claims-based authentication and IFD.

Dynamics CRM and NAV integration using NAV web services

Recently we implemented a project where Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV were integrated. The purpose of this integration was to post customer data from CRM to NAV when a new customer is created in CRM or when an existing customer is updated in CRM. Everything worked smoothly in our testing except the use case of updating customer information from CRM to NAV.

Comparing Customer Experiences in Finland and Mexico – Can You Guess the Winner?

It's my third day as an intern at Cloudriven and as one of my creative tasks, I got the opportunity to write my opinion about customer experience. Since I left my start-up back home in Mexico, I have missed the start-up feeling of working with inspiring people in relaxed yet active environment.

Barriers to Change

Change management has been a widely used term for a decade or two. Some think that the term should already be forgotten, because modern work and leadership are constantly in change. The working environment and culture needs to be evaluated and improved all the time in many organizations.