Gamification Training Program Launched in Kajaani, Finland

Gamificate 2, the second in-service training program in gamification, was launched in Kajaani, Finland, last weekend. Cloudriven’s CEO Jukka Koskenkanto is one of the trainers.

Working Remotely or Remotely Working?

Today is the National Remote Work Day in Finland, so I figured this would be a good occasion to summarize my experiences with remote work during the last month. I started my work in New York in mid-August and time has just flown by so fast. At first I was a bit worried about how I could motivate myself to do my job well without having my colleagues physically by my side. I’m not worried anymore.

Virta CRM Is Now Powered By Azure

We did a lot of work in the cloud during the winter and spring 2014. Seven years ago we started to develop our sales-friendly Virta CRM, and now we wanted to make it compatible with the Microsoft Azure cloud services. This way we would be able to offer Virta CRM to our customers from the public cloud.

Steps to Make Work at Cloudriven More Meaningful

As we tend to do at Cloudriven, we analyzed what kind of results we’d achieved in spring and what kind of actions were taken to reach the results. Based on the analysis, we decided what we're going to focus on this fall and made some changes to our management system.

Cloudriven One of the Strongest Companies in Finland

Cloudriven has achieved a high Rating Alfa classification, which only about ten per cent of Finnish companies reach. The classification shows that Cloudriven has excellent financial key ratios, positive background data and payment behaviour. The classification is given by Suomen Asiakastieto.