Multitask Less and Achieve More

Does it sometimes feel like you're working a lot, yet you can't get anything done? Don't worry, you most certainly are not alone. I also used to suffer from a sickness I like to call serious multitasking. It's quite closely related to the lack of concentration, idling and running aimlessly. I've come to the conclusion that serious multitasking seems to be on the increase, because for one information worker there simply are too many things to do and follow simultaneously.

Software Development Company Cloudriven Aims for Rapid Growth

Cloudriven expands its business operations to North American markets during the next two years. Growth Track helps with the challenges internationalization might bring forth.

Trainers’ House Gamified Change Management

To offer better support for their clients' change management initiatives Trainers' House developed an innovative, gamified coaching tool Pulse with Cloudriven. "We wanted to think big and decided to introduce something completely unique in the coaching industry. We polished the Pulse service concept together with Cloudriven's top-notch professionals. They understood quickly our needs and bravely suggested us new ideas concerning gamification", says Antti Kiukas, Chief Innovation Officer at Trainers' House.

Information Worker Has a Lot to Learn But Never Enough Time

It's impossible to separate learning from work in today's world. Studying isn't anymore a strictly defined part of life, which precedes working life. Especially in information work, executing tasks successfully requires constant learning and adoption of new things, because the problems at hand seldom are similar in content or even by nature.

SharePoint Concept Based on Habit One of the Finalists at the European SharePoint Community Awards

Cloudriven's trusted partner and one of the best SharePoint experts in Europe, Peaches Industries, is among the finalists of the European SharePoint Community Awards. The Gravity concept by Peaches is nominated in the Best Social Strategy category. Gravity is based on Cloudriven's gamified Habit solution.