The Best Workplace in Finland

Employees feel they are working in a great workplace when they can trust the management, have pride in their work and enjoy the people they work with. Although it doesn’t sound too difficult to meet these expectations, only few work communities do. Luckily I have the privilege to work in the best workplace in Finland.

Do You Know Which Rows in Your SharePoint List Are Hot and Which Cold?

Since the beginning, Cloudriven’s Virta customers have used heat maps to examine which accounts are the most important and how well they’ve been managed lately. Data visualization can also be useful in common information work and, to be exact, in SharePoint. That is why we released a Sharepoint app called List Data Visualizer which can be installed into SharePoint directly from Microsoft Office Store.

Cloudriven Takes Part in App Awards Competition

App Awards 2014 organized by Microsoft, Nokia and AppCampus is a competition for Finnish app developers. Cloudriven takes part in the competition with two apps: CRM Meeting Monitor for Windows 8 and CRM Call Tracker for Windows Phone 8.

Don’t Listen to Mumbo Jumbo ― Gamification Can Be a Profitable Investment

Choose the right approach to gamification and you'll make sure that your organization's investment is worth every penny. Don't be fooled by the uncovered nonsense and mumbo jumbo the technology-oriented propeller heads try to feed you.

What Is Gamification?

Because gamification is a difficult concept and a tricky word, I thought I’d gather up some definitions of the concept I’ve come across in the web. Lastly, I briefly open up what we at Cloudriven consider gamification to be.