How HR can benefit from PowerApps?

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The biggest benefits of the Power Platform can probably be achieved by the increased efficiency that comes from streamlining business processes. Yet, it often seems to be difficult for customers to see where they could use it. What are the business processes they could streamline? My first advice is to think of PowerApps as a tool to build small, to-the-point apps, that make some small, repeating tasks very simple and fast to do, even when you’re on the move. This helps in removing extra delays in information flow and frees people from the I-must-remember-to-do-this-the-next-time-I-am-at-the-office thinking.

HR departments are typically good hunting grounds for PowerApps as they often host a lot of processes, many of which are very small. However, best use-cases for PowerApps might not be situations where the app is just used to just get data in from users. Microsoft Forms exists for this purpose and it is the simplest possible tool to get data in. PowerApps starts to excel when data needs to flow to both or multiple directions and when there are also requirements for modifying the data or monitoring its status. Here are some examples of common HR processes that could easily be streamlined with PowerApps to provide the desired efficiency boost:

Employee onboarding

Give an app to new employees that they can use to acknowledge and perform onboarding tasks, see introduction videos, learn about common practices, get to know people, etc.

Recruitment leads

Communicate current open positions and related recruitment bonuses to your employees. Get back recruitment leads.

Report sick days or vacation time

Easy sick day reporting and coordination of doctor’s certificates between the employee, manager and HR department. Coordination of reports and approvals for vacation time

Personal information update

Provide an app that employees can use to inform HR when they move, get married, change their bank, etc.

Ordering periodical benefits

Provide an app for ordering lunch coupons, recreational benefits, or other periodical services 

Enroll to company parties

Easy registrations to company parties and other events with support for easily modifying or cancelling registrations as well as querying extra information regarding dietary restrictions or other preferences

At Cloudriven we have built a suite of PowerApps to be used internally in HR-related scenarios just like the ones listed above. Watch the below video to learn more about how we built our Sports Benefit Ordering app, which employees can use to request balance refills to their recreational benefit accounts*. Also, make sure to check out how Microsoft has built their Thrive suite to provide similar HR experiences to their employee

*In Finland employer can offer recreational benefit to their employees with vouchers, cards or mobile payment solutions. The employer can deduct the amount in taxation and the benefit is tax free for employees. Which is nice. 🙂 

Check out the Cloudriven Sports Benefit Ordering PowerApp demo which i made