Tech driven CLOUD 9 blog is here – The Story behind us

Storytelling is a big part of today’s life. When somebody has good story telling skills, she gets people around her inspired. Inspiration into the things we do, spending time within the things we find fascinating. That’s what our new blog Cloud 9 is all about. Storytelling about things.

Who we are?

We are a group of young people (and one very old and very wise), joined together to make things happen. You’ll get to know us better, soon.

Why we started to write this blog?

When we were thinking about the name for this blog, we went around and around with combining technology and life. We wanted this whole thing to be something totally different. That’s why we chose the blog name to be Cloud Nine. This describes well the state of mind and the atmosphere in which most inventive and creative things will happen. We think that while our bloggers describe their experiences with the things they write blog posts about, the state of mind gets higher and higher, finally they are driven to the cloud.

We have noticed that while preparing a blog post, people learn the subject in more detail than which they have done before. So for the storyteller herself, writing a blog post actually deepens her knowledge of the subject itself.

One of the biggest reasons for starting this blog is probably the fact that we don’t want to keep all this knowledge, expertise and euphoria only to ourselves. Knowledge sharing is everything, has been said by the wise old man. Perhaps letting all the good to spread out, we can inspire somebody else to try and experiment like we have and like we do.

What to expect from this blog?

This blog will be about technology and life. And everything in between. No, this is not one of those blogs where we tell you how we implemented a .NET based web application running on top of Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint beta versions 10 years ago for which Microsoft consultant commented: do you guys actually utilize any technology here which would be already released? No. No, we tell you that and also a lot more. There will be stories about how to manufacture beer, tips from where to get the best wines of the world, what would be the coolest place to ski, why trash metal is good for settling the mind and soul and how to use OneNote, effectively. So stay tuned and hold your hats.