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Make Team Management Easier With SharePoint Team Sites

In a volunteer-based non-profit, it’s not possible to demand as strong and time-consuming commitment from the chairperson as would be the case in paid work. I already revealed in my earlier blog post that we’re now using SharePoint team sites to make our work easier and remove some of the management burden. Thanks to donation from Microsoft, we can even use SharePoint for free. In her blog post Anna told about her experiences in leading volunteers. I will now give a few concrete examples of how SharePoint team sites can benefit your association.

Managers Should Play a Bigger Role in Workplace Learning

Almost all organizations are ready to invest in employee training and if they aren’t, employees will certainly demand training. The expenses, mostly course fees, trips, accommodation and lost billable hours, will pay themselves back with increased employee satisfaction and more productive work. Therefore it’s strange that only a few organizations measure what has been learned and how it is applied to work. Organizations rarely manage learning in an active manner.

Repetition Is the Mother of Learning

When we’re putting my teachings into practice at my trainings, many people tend to ask for advice on things I just taught them. This usually makes me wonder, did the learner listen to what I just said, because it should be impossible to forget that fast, right? However, according to Ebbinghaus’s definition of the forgetting curve almost 60 percent of newly learned things are forgotten during the first hour.

Games Can Help You Learn

I had my first experience with gamified education during my study time. As a practical course work, we compiled a game for math teaching together with my classmate. In the game a parrot named Polly taught the players polynomials. The amount of educational games is huge nowadays. There are little Java applets, many school book series include DVDs and many others.