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SharePoint Team Sites Fit Every Situation

It’s so normal for me to use SharePoint that when I start in any team or project I have a need to get SharePoint workspace into use. My favorite child in business world is the workspace that I designed for managing trainings.

What Motivates You to Learn?

My first touch of how motivation is related to learning is from my last university year when I was completing teacher’s pedagogical studies and was in teaching practice. The guiding teacher of the practising school had a paper where I had to plan the lesson and also write down my ideas about motivating the pupils.

Teaching and Learning IT skills

What is the best way to teach IT skills? I strongly believe that a certain theoretical base helps the learning process significantly but know-how and doing can’t be taught just by lecturing theory. Training plays an important role.

How to Use OneNote Effectively?

In my last blog post I tried to inspire readers to take OneNote into use by revealing shortly about it’s good qualities and user-friendliness. Now I thought I’d give some concrete examples on how to use OneNote and tell you what I use it for all the time.