TrainEngage – Take Your Enterprise Training to the New Level

People learn 70 % by doing. Almost everyone carries a smartphone or other device and use software to accomplish their tasks. The most effective way to train people is to turn regular work into real-life learning environment.

TrainEngage is a digital toolkit for enterprise learning that can save 90 % of training costs and bring results three times faster. Embed training in people’s everyday actions and in software they use.

With TrainEngage you can embed training content to any HTML based application and let people learn new software skills while they are using the application. So, whether you want to onboard your employees or customers, build training channels for those who want to know more than basics or share tips to improve your user engagement, TrainEngage is right solution for you. Our gamified features also help to motivate and engage your people in a whole new way.

Organizational culture changes only through actions. We’ll help you to implement strategic changes in your organization by encouraging, inspiring and empowering individual employees. Read more how we implement the change and help you to create everchanging, inspiring organization through our TrainEngage technology and consulting services.

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