How to do data migration for Dynamics CRM using KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit?

In this screen cast, I show you how to use the KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics CRM. It is very easy-to-use tool for running SSIS-based packages and fetching data from Dynamics CRM and saving it into another instance of Dynamics CRM. It has connectors which use Dynamics CRM web services to fetch and save the data. Furthermore, there are several extremely useful features that make the data migration project a lot easier than using some other tools. A few of these are:

  • Optionset field mapping
  • Date/time field value handling
  • Ability to do several different actions on the target CRM for the data (not just create operations but also updates, upserts etc.)
  • Very robust error handling mechanisms

Our example scenario here in this screen cast is the kind where I’ll be using Dynamics CRM 2011 (on-premise) as a source for the data migration and Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premise) as a target. This is very typical in Dynamics CRM upgrade projects where the in-place upgrade path is not chosen but the data will be migrated from the old CRM to the new CRM. For simplicity, I only migrate accounts in this example. I will do another blog post later for more complicated scenarios.