Peaches Industries, Cloudriven, eWork Nordic, Tieturi ja Onsight Helsinki järjestävät yhdessä Suomen ensimmäisen tietotyöläisten tuottavuuspäivän Keilarannassa 30.5. klo 12.30―19.00. Seminaarissa käsitellään sitä, miten voimme parantaa jokapäiväisen työmme tuottavuutta sekä organisaatio- että yksilötasolla. Olemme koonneet puhujiksi oman alansa parhaat asiantuntijat!

Tilaisuus on ilmainen ja englanninkielinen.

Ilmoittaudu mukaan

Mitä, missä, milloin?

Milloin? Torstaina 30.5. klo 12.30―19.00
Missä? Auditorio, Keilaranta 1, Espoo
Tarjoilut? Tarjolla on virvokkeita ja pientä purtavaa.
Pysäköinti? Ilmaisia pysäköintipaikkoja on rajoitetusti.


12.30 Door opening

13:00 Welcome speech – Chris Müller, co-founder and CEO Peaches Industries, MVP SharePoint

13:15 Consultancy markets – Magnus Silen, Managing Director eWork Finland

13:30 Keynote – Social Business and how to increase Productivity with Social Computing

Speaker: Andrew Watson, Senior Capability Manager, Groupware and Social Media at Nokia

Why networks are so important in a modern social business
Unlocking the potential of your employee to create value
Avoiding the traps of information overload and siloed mindset
Reducing your cost by cultivating a knowledge-base workforce
Structuring your Intranet to maximize output and minimize overheads

14:15 Session 1 – Seven steps to success in managing collaboration quality

Speaker: Jukka Koskenkanto, CEO, Cloudriven Oy

Today most enterprise software is collaboration software. The technology is developing with accelerating speed, but does it make any difference? The 7 steps to success – a guide to cash in collaboration is built based on the key findings of a case study “Forecasting B2B sales in professional services industry” and years of hands-on work.

15:00 Break

15:15 Session 2 – From zero to hero with Gamification, bring your Intranet user adoption to the next level

Speakers: Tim Gorree, Gamification evangelist and Jussi Mori, co-founder Peaches Industries Ltd.

It is very hard to address end user adoption within enterprise portal environments. With Social computing making its way into the modern enterprises of today, Gamification is an innovative concept of driving and influencing end user adoption and motivation. With Gamification we use game concepts to motivate end users to be more productive and have more fun at work. This session will give an overview about the Gamification concept and how it could be implemented in a modern information worker environment.

16:00 Break

16:15 Session 3 – Towards Zero inbox: Being ultraproductive with SharePoint 2013

Speaker: Jussi Roine, co-founder of Onsight and Microsoft Certified Master

What’s zero inbox and why should I care about it?
The productivity tools of today
Feeling busy, being busy or being productive?
Achieving Zero inbox!

17:00 Panel discussion with all speakers

17:30 Open networking – Refreshments and food sponsored by Peaches Industries and partners

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