Stress-Free Christmas – Mission Impossible?

Christmas is right around the corner and the tasks on the to-do list keep on piling up – both at home and in the office. The windows in the advent calendar are running out, which will cause panic even for the most experienced Christmas enthusiasts. How will I have the time to do all this on time? Christmas preparations are more or less like a giant puzzle; even if you plan to spend the Holidays on the road.

Learning Culture Is Built Together with Clients and Employees

It’s easy to speak about customer focus and putting the customer at the center of your business. Unfortunately, in most cases these concepts will just be empty words in the corporate strategy.

This Is How You Should Manage Your Software and System Vendors

Selecting vendors and managing vendor relationships can be quite challenging. The big vendors might rely on their name and offer resources that don’t always reflect the expected level. On the other hand, the resources of smaller vendors could be highly skilled but also in high demand, and in the end they will not have enough time to allocate to your project.

Entrepreneur Has to Lead Himself – And Be Enthusiastic!

Now when we look at all the challenges we face every day, in the end it’s obviously all about your own attitude, how you handle those challenges. Problems begin and end in our mind and in our own mind alone.

Gamification – Soft Way to Manage Change

Resistance to change is completely normal and typical for us humans. On the one hand, the members of the work community try to defend themselves, and on the other hand, they try to protect their community together. Whether it’s a new or an experienced employee, the challenge is always the same: how to change procedures and thinking as painlessly and easy as possible?