Let Their Lives Flourish – Essentials Of Enterprise Gamification

Our CEO and gamification guru Jukka Koskenkanto talked about…

Average Joe and Plain Jane Are Your Most Important Resources

Deloitte’s research paper, published last spring, reveals some staggering numbers: only 8 percent of U.S. companies are satisfied with their performance management process. At the same time, performance management takes too much time in 58 percent of the companies. The figures go hand in hand with the survey results we published in December: there’s something profoundly wrong in the way performance is being managed.

What Can Jesus Teach Us About Gamification?

Christmas is right around the corner and it will halt the entire western at least for a while. Our thoughts are with our loved ones and we think about ways to contribute to our community. Religiously speaking, the central character of Christmas is of course Jesus. To honor the spirit of Christmas, I aim to examine in this blog post, what Jesus would say about gamification. That man knew how to tell compelling, thought-provoking stories. I’m not going to emphasize the religious aspects of the following story, as the story itself is brilliant and can be used to introduce a nontraditional viewpoint on gamification.

Entrepreneur Has to Lead Himself – And Be Enthusiastic!

Now when we look at all the challenges we face every day, in the end it’s obviously all about your own attitude, how you handle those challenges. Problems begin and end in our mind and in our own mind alone.

Gamification – Soft Way to Manage Change

Resistance to change is completely normal and typical for us humans. On the one hand, the members of the work community try to defend themselves, and on the other hand, they try to protect their community together. Whether it’s a new or an experienced employee, the challenge is always the same: how to change procedures and thinking as painlessly and easy as possible?