Gamification in Action – Talks Worth Sharing, Part 2

In March, we published a collection of gamification talks from YouTube to help you out on the beginning of your gamification journey. Now that you know the basics: how does gamification work in action? Check out the following videos and get inspired!

Gamification Training Program Launched in Kajaani, Finland

Gamificate 2, the second in-service training program in gamification, was launched in Kajaani, Finland, last weekend. Cloudriven’s CEO Jukka Koskenkanto is one of the trainers.

Gamification Expert Juhani Vuoti Joined Cloudriven

Mr. Juhani Vuoti, Bachelor in Media Engineering and Bachelor of Theology, has joined Cloudriven’s rock-solid team of experts on September 15th. Juhani will be in charge of Cloudriven’s consulting services regarding gamification, eLearning and competency development.

Multitask Less and Achieve More

Does it sometimes feel like you're working a lot, yet you can't get anything done? Don't worry, you most certainly are not alone. I also used to suffer from a sickness I like to call serious multitasking. It's quite closely related to the lack of concentration, idling and running aimlessly. I've come to the conclusion that serious multitasking seems to be on the increase, because for one information worker there simply are too many things to do and follow simultaneously.

Motivate People Through Data

"Gamification is about motivating people through data." Above all gamification is about how you can use game elements to affect people’s behavior. In other words, how you can motivate people to act according to the set goals. Data is needed because a) data is the only reliable source to find out what behaviors need to be changed to reach the goals and b) making data transparent is an effective way to motivate.