Games Can Help You Learn

I had my first experience with gamified education during my study time. As a practical course work, we compiled a game for math teaching together with my classmate. In the game a parrot named Polly taught the players polynomials. The amount of educational games is huge nowadays. There are little Java applets, many school book series include DVDs and many others.

Trainers’ House Gamified Change Management

To offer better support for their clients' change management initiatives Trainers' House developed an innovative, gamified coaching tool Pulse with Cloudriven. "We wanted to think big and decided to introduce something completely unique in the coaching industry. We polished the Pulse service concept together with Cloudriven's top-notch professionals. They understood quickly our needs and bravely suggested us new ideas concerning gamification", says Antti Kiukas, Chief Innovation Officer at Trainers' House.

Five Gamification Talks Worth Sharing

The amount of gamification material online is overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost if you are new in the field. To help you out on the beginning of your journey, we collected five gamification talks from YouTube which we think are worth sharing.

Only Used Information Systems Are Productive

In order to make the information system as useful as possible and into active use, one must take into consideration the different motivation factors of different user types. This has to be done both when taking the system into use and when the system is in production use. With the help of different game elements the use of, for example, intranet can be merged into a motivating and meaningful part of user's every-day work tasks.

White Paper: Driving the People Business − How Gamification Creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Your Business

Cloudriven's new white paper Driving the People Business − How Gamification Creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Your Business gives an answer to the question of how you can create long-lasting business benefits with gamification. It's an excellent read for everyone who is interested in business development, management and gamification.