SharePoint Smooth Onboarding and User Adoption with Gamification

When it comes to SharePoint, the challenges are usually the same in almost every user organization. Companies pay tens of thousands of good cash on SharePoint implementations and customizations to tweak the usability and “look and feel” towards their own processes and also sometimes towards the usability from End User perspective. Is this really the most efficient way to boost user adoption?

What Motivates You to Learn?

My first touch of how motivation is related to learning is from my last university year when I was completing teacher's pedagogical studies and was in teaching practice. The guiding teacher of the practising school had a paper where I had to plan the lesson and also write down my ideas about motivating the pupils.

Dear Santa, Can I Get More Sales for Christmas?

Many CEOs are sending a letter to Santa Claus this year requesting a significant improvement in the productivity of sales. Most of the business leaders I have discussed with recently have presented their concern about how the general market situation and fierce changes in business environment have decreased average sales.

Gamification Breakfast Gathered Around People Interested in Gamification

Several companies and organizations interested in gamification…

History of Gamification of Sales in Finland

It all started in spring 2007. I got a chance to lead a product development team which had the target to implement a CRM system for salespeople. How would we get the salesperson to become interested in using CRM so that she would log all her activities there? How to build an attractive user-interface which would at the same time show all the relevant information? What if the application would be game-like, even addictive.