SharePoint Smooth Onboarding and User Adoption with Gamification

When it comes to SharePoint, the challenges are usually the same in almost every user organization. Companies pay tens of thousands of good cash on SharePoint implementations and customizations to tweak the usability and “look and feel” towards their own processes and also sometimes towards the usability from End User perspective. Is this really the most efficient way to boost user adoption?

Do You Know Which Rows in Your SharePoint List Are Hot and Which Cold?

Since the beginning, Cloudriven’s Virta customers have used heat maps to examine which accounts are the most important and how well they’ve been managed lately. Data visualization can also be useful in common information work and, to be exact, in SharePoint. That is why we released a Sharepoint app called List Data Visualizer which can be installed into SharePoint directly from Microsoft Office Store.

Don’t be discouraged by SharePoint

End users’ attitude towards SharePoint seems a bit cynical at times. A few weeks ago I held a SharePoint training and one trainee ironically stated “pretty stable system” when the cloud-based training environment presented an error page every now and then.