Cloudriven Expands to Zürich

Zurich is known as international banking center and the economical capital of prosperous Switzerland. But Zurich has much more to offer: A beautiful old town, where restaurants serve good, hearty food. The pictures Lake Zurich that invites for swimming and sailing in summer. Impressive mountains just a stone’s throw away, that offer excellent skiing in winter. Friendly people and plenty of expensive shops, selling handbags from Prada or watches from Patek Philippe.

So, we decided that this would be the location for our first central European daughter company. And we will use this as bridgehead for expanding our business into the almost 100 million people strong German speaking markets, also known as DACH.

Saturday the 13th of May was a warm, sunny day and it would have been lovely to explore the nature around Zurich, but we had better things to do: It was SharePoint Saturday Zurich and our first official appearance as Cloudriven GmbH. We went there with the promise to help companies to make their digital transformation efforts faster, cheaper and more successful. (Yes, all three, you do not have to pick two 😉 ) Our latest version of TrainEngage helps more companies to train their users cost and time efficient, make Change Management more effective, avoid support cases, make projects overall more successful and boost the Return On Investment.

As a result, our stand was busy with a wide range of customers and partners: E.g. companies that are rolling out SharePoint, O365, Dynamics or other tools and processes. Or application developers that are interested in ways to make their apps easier to use and to improve user experience. As well as consultancies looking for a competitive edge by not only building advanced custom-solutions, but by as well helping their customers with the user onboarding and Change Management.

”Would you invest in building a Formula 1 car and then send it in a race with a driver, who does not know how to use it?”

One of the highlights of our day was the podium speech of our own Jussi Mori, who elaborated the significant impact of user-adoption. He asked the question: “Would you invest in building a Formula 1 car and then send it in a race with a driver, who does not know how to use it?? No?!… So why would you invest in a top IT system and then send it in the race with users, who do not know who to use it?? In either case, you cannot win!”. Which led to a lively discussion with the engaged crowed.

But it was not all about TrainEngage and user adoption. We also had profound discussions around our other core topic: How we help customs to get more leads, create more sales projects and close more deals.

As well our partner ClickDimensions was at the event, and they were very happy to see that we extent our expertise into the German speaking markets, and that out ClickDimensions expert Kai Grass was present as well.

At the end of the day we went with hurting feet, but lots of new contacts, impressions and insights for some of the good food, together with the other sponsors and speakers. We networked some more and exchange more ideas until a sudden thunderstorm made us run for cover.

As Sunday was a nice and warm again, Jussi and I had a stroll through the blossoming meadows around Zurich and recapped that day: We were very pleased how our debuted in Zurich went, and this bodes well for an exciting adventure with Cloudriven in central Europe.

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