Gamification market is growing fast. M2 Research has predicted that the market grows
116 percent in 2013 and 88 percent in 2014. According to MarketsandMarkets, the size of
the global gamification market would be 5.5 billion dollars by 2018. The biggest market is
North America but Europe and Asia are right behind. But what is gamification all about?
How does gamification help you to drive more customers and business?

Efficient business processes are important for the success of a company but even more important are the people who should be acting according to those processes. Gamification is all about people: how to find the best ways and most efficient tools to motivate, teach and engage employees, customers and partners?

Cloudriven’s new white paper Driving the People Business − How Gamification Creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Your Business gives an answer to the question of how you can create long-lasting business benefits with gamification. It’s an excellent read for everyone who is interested in business development, management and gamification.

Download the White Paper for free in PDF-format

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White Paper Driving the People Business


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