Who We Are

Microsoft Cloud is our thing. We develop solutions on top of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Azure. While our heads are in various Microsoft clouds, we focus on real-world work and practical teamwork. If you want to work on interesting projects, collaborate with friendly and skilled people, and continuously learn something new, you’ve come to the right place! We value a wide range of skills, and our team includes top architects, service managers, and future stars.

The COVID-19 era permanently changed the job market, especially in the ICT sector, and it affected us as well. Previously, it might have seemed strange to work for a company with its nearest office hundreds of miles away. Today, there’s nothing unusual about it, and you can find Cloudrivers all over Finland and DACH area. Our northernmost colleagues join meetings from near Santa’s home in Lapland.  So, it goes without saying that we do a lot of remote work. Teams decide on in-person office days as needed, but otherwise, everyone works in a hybrid mode that suits them best.

Most of us work remotely at least part of the week, but it’s also easy to get to the office by bike or public transport. Our office is located above the Helsinki University metro station, right next to the beer restaurants on Kaisaniemenkatu, just a few hundred meters from the train station. You can often find social and hobby companions for after-work activities at the office.

Cloudriven is Among the Forerunners of Workplaces

Cloudriven achieved an excellent score of 86/100 in the Siqni survey we conducted in 2023, earning us the prestigious Future Workplaces certification. Future Workplaces is a certification awarded when workplace corporate culture is led with exceptional employee understanding.

We are part of the workplace revolution!

Professional Development

Twice a year, Cloudrivers gather for the Tech Retreat event. The goal is to collectively explore new technologies and build impressive demos using them. In practice, Tech Retreat is an internal hackathon for the company ─ a creative collaborative effort, an opportunity to learn, and a way to spend some quality face-to-face time with colleagues from different parts of Finland, all accompanied by good food and drinks!

Everyone is welcome to participate, learn, and share their expertise. Sharing knowledge and experiences among colleagues is an integral part of our daily routine, and to facilitate this, we organize the monthly Techdrivers Live event where Cloudrivers themselves present interesting project experiences and new technologies to each other.

Developing our own expertise is so crucial to us that we’ve chosen it as one of the company’s values. We foster learning and development in various ways: certifications, internal Techdrivers Live and Tech Retreat events, seminar and conference participation are all vital.

It’s essential to us that everyone continuously learns something new at work and strengthens their existing skills. In addition to collaborative and informal activities, we also encourage individuals to self-improve. Ten percent of everyone’s annual working hours are allocated for learning, and completing certifications is rewarded not only with words of praise but also financially.


We believe that work and business are at their best when our employees are doing well. We invest in benefits that offer our employees flexible opportunities to live their lives in a meaningful way. We don’t have ping-pong tables or an office barista; instead, we focus on ways to make every employee’s daily life as smooth as possible, regardless of time and place, both at work and in their free time. Our long list of benefits includes, among other things, lunch and recreation benefit, wide health insurance, billing bonus, device budget, home internet connection, swag, and rental cottages.

Our Values

We are committed to our values and strive to live them out in our everyday lives rather than just in speeches. It’s important to us that we act in accordance with our values towards ourselves, each other, our customers, and the entire world around us.


We take care of the people around us and learn from each other.


We act responsibly and are worthy of the trust of our customers and colleagues.

Continuous development

We constantly learn from our customers and about new technologies, evolving as professionals.


We engage in open discussions and boldly propose solutions to problems.

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