Modern work is an investment in employee experience and productivity. According to Buffer, 99% of employees want to work remotely at least part of the time, and Global Workplace Analytics states that employers save an average of $11,000 per employee annually when half of the work is done remotely.

We are happy to discuss the benefits of modern work in terms of productivity, cost savings, employee experience, and security in more detail based on your specific needs. Certified Cloudrivers are at your service!



Modern work is a combination of practices, technology, leadership, and attitude. We help create a roadmap that clarifies the steps to develop modern work practices. We devise a plan to harness the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud, considering goals, practices, leadership, and the current state. Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Planner, To Do, Stream, and other Microsoft services provide an excellent technological foundation for modern work, whether it’s in-person, remote, or hybrid.


We implement Microsoft cloud capabilities by combining the most suitable solutions for the needs outlined in the roadmap. Our Microsoft-certified experts are at your service when implementing solutions such as a modern SharePoint intranet, Teams governance model, automatic language translations, document management, or any other workspace solution that supports modern work practices.


Work practices evolve one step at a time. We provide insights and training for those leading and doing modern work, helping them embrace new approaches. Specific needs and broader support requirements for work transformation are addressed by our experienced and Microsoft-certified consultants. We build expertise and enthusiasm for utilizing Microsoft 365 technologies in your organization based on your needs, through adoption plans, training, playbooks, hybrid work management models, and ambassador networks.


As needs and technology evolve, further developing solutions and ensuring their security and uninterrupted operation will secure your organization’s competitive advantages. In addition to maintenance and development management services, our certified experts provide platform management services (e.g. Power Platform) and security audits.


Moderni työ nojaa Microsoft 365 palveluihin
Moderni työ edellyttää digitalisoituja liiketoimintaprosesseja - Dynamics 365 alusta tarjoaa eväät digitalisaatiomatkalle
Moderni työ antaa tilaa luovuudelle - automatisoi rutiinitehtäviä ja prosesseja Power Platformin avulla
Moderni työ hyödyntää tekoälyä - käännä sisällöt automaattisesti tai hyödynnä organisaatiosi datamassaa älykkäästi

Our modern work services help you improve employee experience, productivity, and security. Make the most of your investments in Microsoft cloud services.

We implement customized solutions to streamline people’s daily lives, freeing up time for more productive work, sales growth, and human interaction.

Let’s discuss more!

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