Trainers’ House Gamified Change Management

Trainers' HouseTrainers’ House is a change management and coaching company committed to helping their clients by supporting everyday leadership. To offer better support for their clients’ change management initiatives Trainers’ House developed an innovative, gamified coaching tool Pulse with Cloudriven. Pulse helps their clients to implement change in organizations’ everyday work and it makes change transparent, measurable and realtime.

We wouldn’t have accomplished these results without Cloudriven

Pulse encourages employees to report weekly what they have done and accomplished. Both the employees and management can monitor on a weekly basis if right and agreed things have been done and what kind of results has the change in actions brought with.

“We wanted to think big and decided to introduce something completely unique in the coaching industry. We polished the Pulse service concept together with Cloudriven’s top-notch professionals. They understood quickly our needs and bravely gave us suggestions for new ideas concerning gamification”, says Antti Kiukas, Chief Innovation Officer at Trainers’ House.

Pulse is a gamified tool for change management.

Cloudriven developed Pulse in close co-operation with Trainers’ House. Pulse has received an excited reception among the clients and Trainers’ House has been able to deepen their relationship with clients, improve client communication and create new business.

“Pulse has really exceeded our expectations. We would never have accomplished these great results without Cloudriven! I warmly recommend them”, says Kiukas.