Make profit by gamifying your business

Cloudriven is currently developing a gamification platform for organizations that will put your company’s strategy into practice. With the aid of the gamification platform, management can define what activities are necessary in order to fulfill the strategy and monitor the completion of these activities.

monopolyThe platform motivates your employees, partners and customers to achieve the set goals by giving immediate feedback based on tasks done or not done. The tool we developed is exciting and encouraging and makes it possible to manage behavior.

With gamification you can

  • engage and motivate
  • manage and communicate strategy
  • educate

By gamifying your strategy you build up customer loyalty and share of wallet and increase the feeling of inclusion of employees as well as motivation and learning.

What is gamification?

Gamification means applying game mechanics and game thinking into business, education and other non-game contexts. Gamified elements in business applications can be for example diverse scorings, leaderboards and ranking lists, progress bars, badges, levels and quests.

Gamification has been proven to be an efficient way to solve problems and improve customer and employee engagement and learning. Research company Gartner predicts that 70 per cent of Global 2000 organizations use gamified elements in their applications by the year 2014.

Above all the gamification of business is about affecting the behavior of customers, partners and personnel and changing it into the desired direction. Business challenges can be for example the following:

  • How can we make the customers do more online transactions?
  • What should we do when partner organizations don’t familiarize themselves with the sales material?
  • How do we increase social interaction of personnel on the intranet?
  • How can we improve the contact activity of sales people?

Read more about what gamification is from our blog.

Engage and motivate your personnel

In our opinion, the two major challenges in fulfilling the company’s strategy are:

  • Strategy communication – employees are unsure about how the strategy affects their everyday work.
  • Managing change – old habits die hard and it takes a lot of time.

The strategy is often communicated vaguely in the top level which leaves employee’s personal goals’ in relation to company’s goals unclear. Employees are unsure about what they should change in their everyday work in order for the strategy to succeed.

People follow previously learned and adapted behavioral models by nature. Changes in company’s strategy usually require changes in the personnel’s behavior and work. Old habits must die when you learn something new; whether it is a new sales model or business planning process. Changes don’t happen by themselves; they must be managed.

Instant feedback is the most effective way to influence the behavior, motivation and commitment of personnel. The game mechanics of our gamification platform are built so that the platform supports and guides the personnel to do the right things at the right time. Because of instant feedback employees always know how they have succeeded in relation to their own and the entire company’s goals.

Grow customer loyalty and engagement

What if you could induce your customers to spend more time with your product and brand? Gamification is an efficient tool to engage customers as well as measure and manage customers’ behavior.

By bringing the elements familiar from games into your web and mobile services you encourage your customers to get to know the content of the service more deeply. You can guide them to do the activities you want, for example order newsletters, fill out questionnaires or leave comments. Addictive gamified features make sure that your customer visits your web sites again and all the valuable leads gathered from the web can be harnessed by sales.

Our gamification platform allows you to measure customer behavior so you can monitor how gamified features work in relation to the goals you’ve set. Based on the analytics data you can constantly improve the features.

Do you want to try gamification in your own organization?

We are currently seeking open-minded customers from different industries to pilot and try how to gain better results with gamification and behavior management. Contact us and let’s talk some more!



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