Cloudriven invests in internationalization and expands its expertise by broadening its ownership base

To strengthen its expertise in security-critical environments and accelerate its internationalization, Cloudriven’s staff has welcomed a new majority owner, the Finnish-based Modirum Group Oü. All previous owners will also continue to be involved in the company’s daily operational activities as staff and management members.

Modirum operates in 15 countries and offers expert services as well as 3-D Secure and tactical command and control solutions as one of the global market leaders. The cooperation with Modirum strengthens Cloudriven’s expertise and provides opportunities to expand its service portfolio for both existing and new customers.

”Cloudriven joining the Modirum Group underlines our commitment to delivering modern customer-specific solutions to our customers. Modirum’s and Cloudriven’s commitment to developing skills, innovative solutions and excellent customer experience creates a good foundation for cooperation.”, says Tero Silvola, Chairman of the Board of Modirum Group.

“We are excited to start a joint journey with Modirum Group to internationalize our business. Our long history in business-critical solutions and high-security environments gets an interesting continuation when we get to combine our expertise for the benefit of our customers.”, summarizes Jukka Koskenkanto, CEO of Cloudriven.

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Contact information:


Jukka Koskenkanto
Managing director
+358 50 560 4607 

Modirum Group

Tero Silvola
Chairman of the board
+358 40 5905 733