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Barriers to Change

Change management has been a widely used term for a decade or two. Some think that the term should already be forgotten, because modern work and leadership are constantly in change. The working environment and culture needs to be evaluated and improved all the time in many organizations.

Being a Leader Is, In Fact, Fun and Easy

Being a leader is really not that hard. Of course you will encounter difficult situations, but ultimately leadership is just ordinary interaction between two people. It’s all about people skills. he essence of leadership is genuine interest in other people and their work at the workplace.

Gamification – Soft Way to Manage Change

Resistance to change is completely normal and typical for us humans. On the one hand, the members of the work community try to defend themselves, and on the other hand, they try to protect their community together. Whether it’s a new or an experienced employee, the challenge is always the same: how to change procedures and thinking as painlessly and easy as possible?