Dynamics 365 Portals – how to use OData endpoint – part 2

In this screen cast video, I continue to discuss this subject which I started in my previous blog post.

Today, I have the following objectives for which I need to provide a solution:

  • Have a navigation button in portal case form for user to create a new work order from case
  • Certain fields in work order form would be populated based on the derived data from case
  • Linking between case and work order would be generated
  • User would stay in the work order form after saving it rather than returning back to the case form

Hopefully by following this video, you get an idea how to take advantage of the OData feed and what are some challenges and workarounds when working with this type of project.

How to use JQuery customizations in Dynamics 365 portal forms?

This screen cast video is about JQuery customizations in Dynamics 365 portal forms. I demonstrate here using rather simple scenario that what are the possibilities and how to develop the code. Furthermore, I show you how to use browser developer tools to debug the JQuery code to verify and troubleshoot your JQuery.

This is the third part of my Dynamics 365 portal video series. In the first part, I showed you how to install the Dynamics 365 portal instance and how to make basic configurations into it. In the second part, I showed you how to do the portal UI customizations. There will be more coming up so thank you for watching and stay tuned for more.