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Don’t be discouraged by SharePoint

End users’ attitude towards SharePoint seems a bit cynical at times. A few weeks ago I held a SharePoint training and one trainee ironically stated “pretty stable system” when the cloud-based training environment presented an error page every now and then.

Sign Up for a Day for Information Workers

Peaches Industries, Cloudriven, eWork Nordic, Tieturi and Onsight Helsinki organize together Finland’s first productivity day for information workers in Keilaranta 30.5. at 12.30―19.00. The seminar addresses the facts on how we can improve the productivity of our everyday work both at the organization and individual level. We have gathered up the best speakers of their […]

New Version Improved the Performance of Virta

The new version of Virta was published in mid April. All of our Virta clients have already taken it into use. The new version improved the performance of Virta: over 60 % improvement in speed has been measured in performance tests. Do you still use Virta’s predecessor BLARP? Virta has all the versatile features of BLARP and […]