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Cloudriven’s First Year Was Full of Success

Cloudriven was founded in the beginning of September 2012. We’ve enjoyed a year full of cheerful client meetings, prolific product development, creative ideation and hardworking customer service. To celebrate our birthday we gathered together some of the best successes and moments from our first year of activity.

Gamification is Efficient Tool to Manage Behavior

According to a number of market analysts, consultancies and technology vendors, Gamification is a rising trend and also entering the world of business. Like with any rising trend, enthusiasm towards gamification can at times be overwhelming. But as with most trends, they have a certain strong and sustainable core – a reason that justifies the existence of the trend. At Cloudriven we believe that using gamification for behavior management is such a core.

What Is Gamification?

Because gamification is a difficult concept and a tricky word, I thought I’d gather up some definitions of the concept I’ve come across in the web. Lastly, I briefly open up what we at Cloudriven consider gamification to be.

Make profit by gamifying your business

Cloudriven is currently developing a gamification platform for organizations that will put your company’s strategy into practice. With the aid of the gamification platform, management can define what activities are necessary in order to fulfill the strategy and monitor the completion of these activities.

VAASAN Group’s Operating System Transferred into Sydän

Cloudriven implemented the definition and technical implementation of the new operating system for VAASAN group agile and working closely together with VAASAN. Project started fast and the requirements were defined during the project. Technical implementation is based on standard features of Sydän and SharePoint workflows.