Gamification Breakfast Gathered Around People Interested in Gamification

Gamification Breakfast 31.10.2013

Several companies and organizations interested in gamification attended Gamification Breakfast organized by Cloudriven, Peaches Industries and Microsoft. The event itself was gamified: one earned points from tweets, retweets and favourite marks of hashtag #GamifyHKI and the attendee who gained the most points was awarded with Microsoft Surface 2 tablet. The rally winner was Sari Kangas (@KangasSari). Congratulations to the winner and a big thanks to all for the active tweeting.

We picked some excellent tweet from the morning. All tweets can be found from Twitter under hashtag #GamifyHKI.

When designing the gamification of some process or case the base of design must be humans and their internal and external motivation factors.

Gamification is a hot topic but you don’t want to fall into the “hype”. Keep your goals clearly in mind and invest in good design!

Unfortunately the information of our event didn’t reach all. Not to worry, there’s more to come!

Is there a risk of making work too interesting?

Media business is in a major turning point in Finland according to Päivi Eränkö from MTV.

Sales work must be more transparent than before. But what does “transparent sales work” mean?

Gamification has to start from collecting behaviour data otherwise one can’t know for sure what practices needs to be changed.

Can you gamify change management? Antti Kiukas from Trainers’ House showed that you can and should.

Antti Kiukas introduced us a “heck of a short syllabus” about how far organizations have come from product oriented thinking into human oriented thinking. Some organizations still are on their way.

Actions, others, story, skills. There’s the recipe for gamifying change.

Antti Kiukas and Cloudriven’s Jukka Koskenkanto believe that management of leadership has to be active on a week level. “Change cannot be managed over weekend.”

Share your great ideas in comment field below or in Twitter with hashtag #GamifyHKI!

Antero actually wrote about this in August in our blog.