The Best Workplace in Finland

According to the Great Place to Work® Institute employees feel they are working in a great workplace when they can trust the management, have pride in their work and enjoy the people they work with. Although it doesn’t sound too difficult to meet these expectations, only few work communities do. Luckily I have the privilege to work in the best workplace in Finland. I make this argument regardless of the fact that we haven’t yet taken part in the survey executed by the institute mentioned before.

The right people turn small things big

I started as Cloudriven’s Marketing and Communications Manager in the beginning of November 2012 and now I’ve worked almost a year here on the edge of the cloud. I’ve learnt a lot about gamification, sales, CRMs and marketing. Yet one of the most important learnings has been that working in a small company is fun.

We here at Cloudriven work for results, not for working hours. You don’t have to sit at the office from nine to five, if you can get the work tasks of the week done at your home couch. Things move forward here, you don’t have to work alone, there’s always enough (but not too much) work to be done and your work really has an effect on the success of the company. And once in a while we eat a cake Anu has spontaneously baked for us, have a glass of sparkling wine for a new deal Antero had negotiated, go orienteering or horseback riding. In November we can all have a laught at Jukka’s Movember moustache and raise funds for charity.

The CEO of a small but big Finnish gaming company has stated many times that the best way to grow big is to stay small. In today’s information society, the number of employees a company has doesn’t necessarily measure greatness and success. It’s more important to combine the ideas and enthusiasm of a few talented individuals to excellent team spirit. The right people turn small things big.

If you are talented and clearly Cloudriven material, you should definitely apply for a job (in Finnish). In an ideal situation you could be having sparkling wine with us already in November.

Cloudriven employees. Photo: Mikko Roininen

A staged situation from Cloudriven’s Monday meeting.