Performance Management Survey Reveals the Pain Points of Finnish Management Practices

Cloudriven conducted a survey, which concentrated on topics that are important in combining the ability to meet operational efficiency with creativity requirements.

Survey was composed from the point of view of organization’s performance management process. The invitation to the survey was sent out to 1330 HR professionals in Finland and 113 responses were collected representing 8.7 % of all invited.

Huge part of work done in high employee cost countries, like most of Europe and North America, has turned into knowledge work. In practice this means that work has become more complicated than ever, and the roles of leaders and managers have changed.

Yet in most organizations, management still acts according to the old role of ensuring the best operational excellence measured by the input-output efficiency of a given process. However, in knowledge economy leader’s primary role should be to design the rules of work, build high-performing teams and create working conditions that will get the best out of people.

The survey revealed the pain points in the Finnish management practices, and we identified five development topics that need more attention.

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Performance Management in Finland 2014