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How to Use OneNote and Outlook to Take Meeting Minutes

On this video, our Head of Training, Anu Nevalainen, demonstrates, how you can use Microsoft OneNote to write down and share meeting minutes. It's really easy to sync your notes between OneNote and Outlook.

Multitask Less and Achieve More

Does it sometimes feel like you're working a lot, yet you can't get anything done? Don't worry, you most certainly are not alone. I also used to suffer from a sickness I like to call serious multitasking. It's quite closely related to the lack of concentration, idling and running aimlessly. I've come to the conclusion that serious multitasking seems to be on the increase, because for one information worker there simply are too many things to do and follow simultaneously.

SharePoint Team Sites Fit Every Situation

It's so normal for me to use SharePoint that when I start in any team or project I have a need to get SharePoint workspace into use. My favorite child in business world is the workspace that I designed for managing trainings.

How to Use OneNote Effectively?

In my last blog post I tried to inspire readers to take OneNote into use by revealing shortly about it's good qualities and user-friendliness. Now I thought I'd give some concrete examples on how to use OneNote and tell you what I use it for all the time.

Microsoft OneNote − I’m Nuts About It!

I'm myself an active user of OneNote; the program is constantly open and I use it both at work and at home. I gathered here some of OneNote features I find priceless in the hope of this ingenious program helping other people's lives as well.