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Virta CRM Is Now Powered By Azure

We did a lot of work in the cloud during the winter and spring 2014. Seven years ago we started to develop our sales-friendly Virta CRM, and now we wanted to make it compatible with the Microsoft Azure cloud services. This way we would be able to offer Virta CRM to our customers from the public cloud.

Virta CRM offered more than Fleet Innovation had expected

Fleet Innovation is the only independent outsourcing partner in car-related matters in the Finnish market. The company deployed Cloudriven’s Virta in only a couple of days. Fleet’s sales process was configured to the system and the salespeople were trained to use Virta CRM.

History of Gamification of Sales in Finland

It all started in spring 2007. I got a chance to lead a product development team which had the target to implement a CRM system for salespeople. How would we get the salesperson to become interested in using CRM so that she would log all her activities there? How to build an attractive user-interface which would at the same time show all the relevant information? What if the application would be game-like, even addictive.