Virta CRM offered more than Fleet Innovation had expected

Fleet InnovationFleet Innovation is the only independent outsourcing partner in car-related matters in the Finnish market. Fleet grows its business with active B2B sales.

The sales management team of Fleet had defined the company’s sales process and they were looking for an easy-to-use system to support the process. Based on prior experience, the management felt that CRM deployments usually were challenging and painful which they wanted to avoid this time.

Fleet innovation deployed Cloudriven’s Virta in only a couple of days. Fleet’s sales process was configured to the system and the salespeople were trained to use Virta CRM.

“The easiness of the deployment had us all surprised. The customer service has worked very well and all our questions have been answered fast and promptly”, says Fleet’s CEO Pekka Piipponen.

The salespeople have also been satisfied with the new sales management system and many have been surprised of how easy it is to use Virta as a sales tool.

“CRM system has to be user-friendly and it has to support customer’s sales process. Only this kind of system has the requirements to boost business growth and provide support for sales monitoring”, explains Cloudriven’s Business Director Antero Törhönen.

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