Sales Director Aleksi Lehtola Joins Cloudriven

Aleksi LehtolaMr. Aleksi Lehtola, B.Sc in Marketing, Management, and International Business, has been appointed as the Sales Director of Cloudriven on May 11. Aleksi has a strong background in sales and marketing and he has conducted his studies in the University of Oulu and IESEG School of Management in Lille, France.

Before joining Cloudriven, Lehtola has worked as the Account Executive of Dream Broker, a Finnish growth company known for online video software, and as Partner Account Manager at Liana Technologies, an Oulu-based digital marketing software company.

Aleksi will be in charge of Cloudriven’s business development and sales. He will focus on answering the growing demand for Cloudriven’s solutions for meaningful work and customer-centric technology.

Aleksi Lehtola, Sales Director

  • Lives in Espoo, but was born and raised in the City of Oulu
  • Is very much into movies, gym, racquet sports by the season and some golf now and then.
  • Loves to eat Mexican Carne asada, an authentic Mexican meat dish grilled by his father-in-law.

Let’s Connect!

Aleksi Lehtola
Tel. +358 40 737 8985