Software Development Company Cloudriven Aims for Rapid Growth

Jukka Koskenkanto seeks growth in internationalization.

Jukka Koskenkanto seeks growth in internationalization.

Cloudriven expands its business operations to North American markets during the next two years. Growth Track helps with the challenges internationalization might bring forth.

Cloudriven, Finnish software company specialized in gamified system solutions, has been accepted to take part in Growth Track service coordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Cloudriven aims to get a firm foothold in the North American and European markets during the next two years. A designated Growth Pilot maps out the public funding and expert services that best fit the company’s needs and helps to boost fast growth and internationalization.

”Finland is a great product development market for us, but we seek growth abroad. For example, the potential in the US market is huge”, says Cloudriven’s CEO Jukka Koskenkanto.

Last year Cloudriven received funding from Tekes’s Skene program to develop company’s internationalization strategy, business model and gamified business solution platform. The plans are put into action in the coming years and participation in Growth Track supports the internationalization efforts.

The first phase of the internationalization strategy launches in the fall 2014 when Cloudriven starts to map out potential partners in the United States. Especially partners in the coaching and training industry are being searched for.

“We plan to launch a new coaching and training service product during the fall. The web service makes it easy and fun for everyone to develop their own skills and competencies”, says Koskenkanto.

The other cutting edge product in the internationalization strategy is Habit Behavior Engine which works as a gamified tool to manage behavior and performance. It can be used to enforce desired actions by giving instant feedback. Habit has received good response in Finland and the demand for gamified business solutions is high in the international markets as well: gamification has already been at the peak of Gartner’s hype cycle for couple of years.

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CEO Jukka Koskenkanto, Cloudriven Oy, tel. 050 560 4607

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Development Manager Minna Andersson, Tekes, tel. 050 5577 529