SharePoint Concept Based on Habit One of the Finalists at the European SharePoint Community Awards

Gravity is based on Cloudriven's Habit

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Cloudriven’s trusted partner and one of the best SharePoint experts in Europe, Peaches Industries, is among the finalists of the European SharePoint Community Awards. The Gravity concept by Peaches is nominated in the Best Social Strategy category.

Gravity is based on Cloudriven’s gamified Habit solution. Gravity will help you to learn how to use SharePoint fast and you’ll adopt the benefits of the system quickly. Getting employees to use SharePoint productively is a challenge in many organizations and one of the reasons is the lack of training after the deployment of the system; users are not well aware of the versatile features and benefits of SharePoint. Gravity guides, instructs and encourages employees to find out the most meaningful and useful tools and features of SharePoint regarding their own work. Gravity transforms SharePoint use into an exhilarating and ascending journey!

The father of the concept is Jussi Mori from Peaches, SharePoint MVP (Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional), whose ideas you can read more about in his earlier blog post SharePoint Smooth Onboarding and User Adoption with Gamification.