Best practices to manage SharePoint Permissions

All your docs are residing in the cloud, well protected with dozens of security systems. Maybe overprotected? Have you ever tried to share one of the confidential document to your colleague?

How HR can benefit from PowerApps?

The biggest benefits of the Power Platform can probably be achieved by the increased efficiency that comes from streamlining business processes.
Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM front-end server deployment to replace corrupted server

This blog post is about remote configuration of settings in Windows server environment related to the Dynamics CRM front-end server installation.

How to run an SSIS package with Excel data source or destination in 64-bit environment?

I had actually a few different types of challenges in deploying the package to the production server from development environment. It took me a while to find out a solution to these, so I thought that it might be helpful for others struggling with the same issues to write out a small blog post

How to set Dynamics 365 related entity fields using quickview forms

You have a form in Dynamics 365 in which you need to show field values from related entity. It is naturally possible to do this by making a request to the Dynamics server side API’s from client side code.