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Average Joe and Plain Jane Are Your Most Important Resources

Deloitte’s research paper, published last spring, reveals some staggering numbers: only 8 percent of U.S. companies are satisfied with their performance management process. At the same time, performance management takes too much time in 58 percent of the companies. The figures go hand in hand with the survey results we published in December: there’s something profoundly wrong in the way performance is being managed.

Meaningful Work Environment Is Built Through Discussions and Dialogue

Meaningful work environment is built through shared agenda, which consists of shared discussions. Questions like, how do I perceive the world, how do you perceive the world, and what is the direction were heading together, are being unraveled in the discussions. In my opinion, leader’s central role in building the work environment is to make dialogue and the creation of the shared agenda possible. In order to open the discussion, you have to be aware of and acknowledge the limits of your own understanding and accept that for all of us, even for the managers and leaders, there are questions we do not know the answers to.

My Thoughts on Potluck Leadership

There are no bad employees. There are only bad leaders and, as a consequence, employees, who are not in the right job. It’s the leader’s responsibility to see, if someone is in the wrong place, and draw the necessary conclusions.

Being a Leader Is, In Fact, Fun and Easy

Being a leader is really not that hard. Of course you will encounter difficult situations, but ultimately leadership is just ordinary interaction between two people. It’s all about people skills. he essence of leadership is genuine interest in other people and their work at the workplace.