Five Gamification Talks Worth Sharing

The amount of gamification material online is overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost if you are new in the field. To help you out on the beginning of your journey, we collected five gamification talks from YouTube which we think are worth sharing. These talks are given by the most respected gurus of gamification and they cover the basic concepts of how to implement game-elements to non-game contexts and why games are important.

Kevin Werbach: On Gamification

Kevin Werbach is the Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at Wharton University. His free gamification course on has been very popular. In this video he talks to Wharton alumni about the basics of gamification and gives many practical examples.

Yu-Kai Chou: Gamification to Improve the World

Yu-kai Chou is a Pioneer and International Keynote Speaker on Gamification. In this TEDx talk, he explains his Octalysis Gamification Framework and tells us, how gamification can improve our world for the better.

Sebastian Deterding: Meaningful Play: Getting Gamification Right

Sebastian Deterding is a designer and researcher working on playful, persuasive, and gameful design. In this talk Deterding provides an overview of the current gamification movement, its most troubling blind spots, the motivational powers of games, and how to design for a playful experience that is truly meaningful to its users.

Rajat Paharia: Loyalty 3.0: Big Data and Gamification

Widely recognized as the father of gamification, Rajat Paharia founded gamification company Bunchball in 2005. Paharia talks about how gamification, using big data and motivation as fuel, drives new kind of customer, partner and employee loyalty.

Jane McGonigal: Gaming Can Make a Better World

Game designer and author Jane McGonigal explains in this well-known TED Talk, how we can harness the power of games to solve real-world problems.